Top tips for alcohol drinkers

People drink alcohol for fun and to enjoy the moment. Alcohol is good to drink as long as its for fun and enjoyment but for heavy drinkers it can cause a lot of problem. So, this article contains various tips for the alcohol drinkers that might help them to keep their alcohol in check.

1 Balance between the alcohol taken and the alcohol you should have

Alcohol has many health benefits apart from being a harmful drink. Alcohol should always be drink in a moderate amount. Wien is clinically tested to be good for human heart. There is amount of alcohol that a human body can process in an hour. For example, one standard drink that is 10 grams of ethanol can be processed in an hour. Do not drink alcohol to show your friends how cool you are. It can have adverse effect on your body. And when you are in a sound state of body and mind, you’d be able to play ufabet เว็บหลัก มือถือ online more effectively.

2 Eat foods before and during drinking alcohol

It is better if you drink your alcohol and eat something simultaneously. This is because the alcohol will reach your stomach and then your small intestine. So, if your stomach is empty when alcohol reaches it will quickly go to bloodstream.

3 Count your total drinks

Do not binge drink; always know much many drinks you have had. If you are planning to drink alcohol moderately then set yourself a limit of alcohol consumption and try not to exceed the limit.

4 Drink sugar free alcohols

Alcohol should be dunk mildly. You should not drink four drinks in a session. BAC also known as blood alcohol concentration refers to the amount of alcohol that is present in your body. If BAC is high, then there are chances of overdose or you can embarrass yourself. People tend to do stupid stuff when they are drunk in order to look cool, this should be avoided by all means.

5 Do not do shots and avoid drinking game

Alcohol should be avoided by young people. So, if you are in a group, do not play drinking games as this way you will consume more alcohol. It is better to play some other game like pool or debate over world leaders to keep yourself and your friends from drinking heavily. Binge drinking should be avoided, no more than three drinks in one session.

6 Never drink and drive

It is against the law in many countries to drink and drive. When you drink large amount of alcohol, people can get unconscious that can lead to road accidents or other harmful effects. The best option for people who are drunk is to book a ride back home or use public transport, ask a friend to drive you home.

7 Do not drink alcohol if

You should never consume alcohol if you are pregnant or if you are breast feeding. Very young people should also avoid drinking alcohol. As drinking alcohol can be harmful during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol heavy can also lead to miscarriage or the child born may not be healthy. Young girls have estrogen in their body that is released as during menstruation, so alcohol can mess with your menstruation and later pregnancy.

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