Top Collectible Californian Wines

The history of Californian wine is very vast and exciting. Starting from one industry in Napa
valley how California becomes the number one wine seller of the world. The wines of California
are the most consumed wine in the world. It is used as a favorite mealtime drink by people
around the world. This is also perfect for movie date night while watching movies and shows at

People all around the world have a hobby of collecting unique and costly wines. Some of the best
collectible Californian wines are:-

  • Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon

A winemaker Nick Gislason produces this most collectible wine of the Californian estate. This
wine was first produced in the year 1986 in the famous NAPA Valley by Oakville. When they
started, they could sell only 200 cases, but soon their sale rises to 800 cases per year. Even after
such a massive demand for their wine, the quality of wine never diminished. It is known to be the
silkiest and concentrated wines of the world. This wine bottle is available at a rate of $3350. This is perfect for when you are playing some fun sports betting games via

  • Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon

Brett Lopez introduced scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon in the year 2003. She has brought a
vineyard in the Rutherford region of Napa Valley. They are selling around 2000 cases per year at
a price of $650. This wine shows a perfect blend of raspberries along with blackberries. You will
also get some hints of the presence of vanilla from the intense aroma of the wine. The alcohol
amount present in this wine is 15%. The flavor of this wine is tempting, which has increased its
demand in the collectible market.

  • Ridge Monte Bello

Ridge Monte Bello was first produced in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the year 1962. This
vineyard is situated at around 2700 ft a=above the sea level. It was made of Cabernet Sauvignon
grapes blended with petit verdot and merlot. The value of this wine has been appreciated very
quickly due to its massive demand in the market. Currently, they are selling around 5500 boxes
of wines. The price of this wine is $225. The wine shows a board texture and intense aroma of
the mixture of different varieties of grapes.

  • Joseph Phelps Insignia

Joseph Phelps Insignia again is the production of Napa Valley that started back in 1974. Ashley
Hepworth produces it. This red wine shows a natural taste of fruit along with oak species.
This wine is considered the best aging wine, and its price is also the lowest among all the other
Napa Valley famous collectible wines. This wine sells around 13,400 cases per year at a cost of

  • Robert Mondavito Kalon Reserve Cabernet Savignon

Robert Mondavito Kalon Reserve is introduced in 1971 in Oakville appellation. It is the least
expensive wine in top collectibles with a price tag of just $135. It is a fascinating red-colored
wine derived from black cherry and red currant. This wine has a refreshing aroma with a silky


If you are also a fan of Californian wines and want a great collection of wines for showcasing,
then these are the wines that you should not miss.

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