Popular Alcohol Brands That You Must Know

Alcohol today has turned the world other way around. Just like tea and water, alcohol has also
turned out to be the 3rd most prominent choice of drink liked by people over the world especially on special occasions or casual game nights playing casino games and sports betting on www.ufabet123.com. Being
available for each and every age group, alcohol today has a bucket full of variety and brand in
the market. let us have a look through some of them:-


The most common beverage that is consumed in all age groups is beer. It includes minimal
percentages of alcohol. A couple of beer bottles can make your Friday night a full chill. Being a
party animal, let's go through the best beer brands. It is important to note that alcohol intake should be in moderation so as to avoid addiction. If you find yourself abusing alcohol, reach out to On Call Treatment as soon as possible. 

  • BIRA 91

Millennials today like this February 2015 newly launched beer and have added it to favorites.
Being a product of B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in India and included an alcohol
percentage of 4.9%to 7%. It also has variants like

1. Bira91 White
2. Bira91 Blonde
3. Bira91 Light
4. Bira91 Strong
5. Bira91 Bira Boom


Well known for its owner’s bankruptcy, the beer has nothing to do with the accounts and bank. It
is India’s most famous alcohol brand of beer. Known by its wild advertisements and affordable
prices, kingfisher has a good market capture in India. The variants served are:
1. Kingfisher Strong
2. Kingfisher Premium
3. Kingfisher Ultra
4. Kingfisher Blue


The Made in India Beer of today’s world as with no added preservatives and artificial elements.
White Rhino has its factory near Gwalior and is the first beer to be crafted and bottled in India. It
has two variants ;
1. Munich lager
2. Belgian style Wheat beer


Best known as the winter’s friend, Rum shares an essential hold in alcoholic drinks. Rum is
suggested as the best way to survive chilling winters. It helps to maintain body temperature. Let's
go through some of its best brands;-


As per the studies and surveys, OLD MONK is India’s beloved brand in alcohol. This Uttar
Pradesh based Indian Rum shares an exciting market share and is widely consumed all over
India. This zero advertised RUM comes in six variants some of them are:-
1. Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum
2. Old Monk Legend-Limited edition
3. Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum
4. And much more


Who doesn’t love vanilla and butterscotch but have you imagined it in your Rum? Yes, this
Bengaluru based Rum serves in your primary ice cream flavors and is made of 100% Indian
cane. The brand also deals in:-
1. Whiskey
2. Brandy
3. Gin
4. Vodka


After ice-creams flavor, guess what next can be your Rum be flavored in?… the answer is Dried
Fruits; this Rum is highly liked by the armed forces and is sold in over 60 countries, the Rum is
usually aged for 12 years.
Price- 65 INR for 180 ml

The list of Alcohol products is never-ending but remember your limits while drinking!

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